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Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the software development process, from requirements gathering through product delivery and ongoing maintenance.  We stand by our work, and we are not finished until our customers are happy.

We are geeks who love technology.  We have a broad range of experience, from enterprise platforms to consumer-facing web applications.  We specialize in financial services, but love any business with hard challenges to solve.

And if you’re a business with a mission, we want to hear from you.  From its inception, Anythink Solutions has been dedicated to serving our community.  We achieve this through giving back to the community, providing pro-bono services and supporting mission-driven organizations in any way we can.


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Brian Schwalm
Brian Schwalm
Developer / Architect / Founder

Brian is a seasoned software veteran who has held every title from developer to architect to CTO. He is most passionate about writing code, however, and loves to listen to heavy metal as he's buried in his work. When faced with a particularly hairy problem, the outdoors seems to hold the answers - jogging, hiking or fly fishing are his activities of choice.